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SOLARTEK Ltd is one of the biggest Russian suppliers of various polymer window films. The company is focused on sale and installation of different types of window films: architectural, safety, decorative and automotive and also on sales of professional instruments for film installation under own brand name.

Founded in 1997 the company has grown from window film installation to wholesale distribution of films sourcing from the leading world manufacturers. Having established offices at Moscow and St.Petersburg SOLARTEK keeps expanding its distribution network throughout Russia and beyond.

Over the course of more than 20 years of development the company has grown into a strong diversified enterprise highly competition in the market for goods and services

SOLARTEK is in touch with the biggest manufacturers of glass units, window systems and furniture; delivers Paint Protection Films (PPF) to car dealers and car service stations and garages; provides transportation companies with self-adhesive banners and makes vehicle branding.

During the past years SOLARTEK has gained unique experience in installation of architectural films on glass facades of state museums, administrative buildings and embassies, state and private banks, telecom operators, fuel and gas companies, chain stores, breweries, airports, railway stations and for many other sites.

SOLARTEK serves not only big enterprises but also individual customers installing security and sun protection films on apartment windows, cottages, offices and cars. The company has been a pioneer in applying tinted films in interior design with an own registered brand ART TINTING specialized on installation of architectural films with images on furniture and car glasses.

Starting from 2008 SOLARTEK has been adding specialty films to the assortment:

⇾ Smart Film – changing its transparency under the influence of voltage;
⇾ Screen Tek – а back projection film which guarantees a sharp and high-quality color reproduction similar to a LCD screen;
⇾ STOP VIRUS – an antimicrobial film;
⇾ Solarvox – an electromagnetic protection film in the band of radio and microwave frequencies;
⇾ Photochromic film, changing its dimming depending on the intensity of sunlight;
⇾ Antispyware film for shielding computer monitors;
⇾ Vandal-proof films.

Since 2011 SOLARTEK has its own printing shop equipped with modern Japanese printers and laminating machines.

In 2015 SOLARTEK started a new activity – production of bright printed stickers with elaborated design for bikes, ATVs, snowmobiles, jet skis, cutters.

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